Potion Bottle Visualisation


On my continuing journey to break into another sector, I have prepared this potion bottle visualisation project, highlighting my skills’ transferability from one industry to another. In this case, product visualisation. A good use-case for high-end perfumes or whiskey maybe? 

Creating this potion bottle allowed me to demonstrate a few challenging aspects of product visualisation. These I hope will be evident to those that require this kind of 3D content.

The first area I wanted to focus on was the glass; it had to be realistic, but I also wanted to create an intricate surface for the light and reflections to bounce across.

The second aspect of the project that I paid special attention to was the reproduction of warm gold material. I experimented with various gold materials during the development phase; opting for this material from the Poliigon resource library; which I highly recommend to any visualiser. The floor materials for all the visuals are also from Poliigon.

As part of a range being developed, this bottle is a potion of captured passion. Updates will follow as the more extensive plans for this bottle progress in the weeks ahead.

Software used

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