London Business School – Mobius Loop

London Business School
Mobius Loop Sculpture

This exquisite 3D print was created for the prestigious London School of Business. It serves as a scaled-down replica of a proposed 3-meter sculpture, embodying the grand vision. Displayed during an open day, this intricately crafted model captivated potential sponsors who generously pledged their support. In return for their contribution, each sponsor’s name would be elegantly engraved on one of the struts forming the mesmerizing mobius loop. This act immortalizes them as esteemed patrons of the institution, forever associated with the college’s enduring legacy.

The 3D print was completed to a high level of detail and accuracy; it is a perfect replica of the proposed sculpture in miniature form. The process involved using Cinema 4D for modelling, Zbrush for preparation for 3D printing and final output at the printer’s facility. After completion, the model was inspected and found to be an exact representation of its larger counterpart.

The 3D print was meticulously crafted and perfected by the skilled team at Mahers. Their expertise in fabrication and finishing proved invaluable, resulting in a stunning and successful outcome. Without hesitation, I highly recommend their top-notch services to anyone seeking exceptional quality models.

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