Kite – CAR-Tcells VR360 film

Kite – CAR-Tcells VR360 film

Step into the realm of groundbreaking innovation as we delve into the captivating world of 360-degree virtual reality filmmaking. In this immersive experience, we explore the incredible strides being made by a distinguished pharmaceutical company in the United States. 

The mission? To unveil the remarkable story behind their revolutionary approach to cancer treatment – the engineering of T-Cells to target and attack cancer cells within the human body.

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The above animation is a low resolution output of the final side-by-side output for the VR 360 animation. When viewed in VR capable hardware the side by side render is divided on two and each side is played in either screen of the headset. This create a more believable 3D sensation and thus creates a more comfortable experience for the viewer.

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