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Kitchen Design by Ren | 3D visualisation process and multiple platform delivery

Home Kitchen | 3D Design


The is a personal project to 3D design a kitchen for an average family space on an average income. 

These images represent quite a broad timeline, from very early concept stages, to bang up to date final design options. Currently, the kitchen is in Unity 3D awaiting its materials!

Besides the AR aspect of the project, there are still areas in this project which will continue to develop in the future. I hope these images provide a useful snapshot of the projects path so far. 

Typically, I produce mountains of renders throughout any projects life, whilst I work through the numerous tasks involved with bringing a virtual scene to life. The more polished images I have kept at the top of the gallery. Images that are more progress type renders are further down, as these also held merit for showing techniques and my work pattern. Also, it allows me to write more to help balance this page out! :)

Software used
Unity 3D augmented (AR) kitchen

Looking for any excuse to explore further the possibilities of AR, this home kitchen project was the perfect candidate. 

Taking the model into my App that I built-in Unity 3D, the App allows me to explore my 3D design or creations at their actual scale and in many cases, the location of the physical build. 

The movie above was an initial screen recording to check the model was loading into the App correctly. As soon as I have transferred all the textures across to Unity3D from Substance Painter, I will update this post.


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