Hello, Ren here

I am a hard-working, problem-solving 3D Designer who loves coffee. In this current climate, I can typically be found at home, in the shed or the office, on my bike, in the snooker hall or more often than not somewhere inside a virtual world creating something weird and wonderful. Like the great Ian Botham, I would describe myself as an all-rounder, but certainly not at cricket! A digital all-rounder with high to advanced skills in a variety of design processes. In cricket, I was far less proficient but had a rather deadly away singing leg-break delivery, apparently!
More about me

I’ve been in the creative industry for over 25 years, starting my career in desktop publishing at a brilliant little boutique agency called The Original Tipler Pomfrett Design Co. Of course, back then Photoshop 3 and Quark Express, and Freehand were the software packages of choice, the wonders of Adobe Creative Cloud products was many years away yet. At this point, I was blissfully unaware of the powerful 3D software tools that would bless our screens today.
It wasn’t until many years later as an artworker at Nexus that I had my first glimpse at the future, or at least my future! This piece of software that changed my career direction was called Bryce and truly captured my imagination and ignited a passion that continues today.
It was whilst working at Saga Holidays in Folkestone, producing brochures for holidays in faraway places, that I had the first introduction to more robust software; Cinema 4D 5! It was at this moment I began moving away from desktop design to follow a different path. I walked straight through the 3D door. I am still competent with all things print and publishing, but the majority of my work for the last 20 years has been of a 3D nature.
I love diversity, diversity in life and diversity in work. Across the years of my journey, I have been lucky enough to gain experience in many industries. This experience has given me a broad and diverse portfolio of work. Before the pandemic, I was enjoying my time at Jack Morton visualising exhibition and event spaces. Previous to that, I had a great stint within the retail sector preparing store designs, window displays and experiential environments.

Long term goal

What does the future hold?

The next chapter along my journey appears to be diverging towards a new technology that utilises lots of my current skillsets. Augmented Reality has profoundly altered my viewpoint in the last few years. It continues to teach me and inspire me with the potential it offers society once there is a suitable head-mounted interaction device.

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