Cointreau Margarita Experience

Cointreau Margarita Experience

I loved this project; the Cointreau Margarita Experience was such a fun project to work on and involved quite a few skillsets. Together with the lead creative and the events team, the experience came to life. With echoes of Cointreau’s past, the colour pallet is soft and welcoming, and the shapes and forms are retro with a contemporary twist.

The Cointreau Margarita Experience Cadillac was a tricky aspect of the project. The underlying Cadillac model is a Fleetwood Mk7 Seventy-five sedan from 1959 from Hum3D. Sadly this was as close as we could get to matching the actual Cadillac Cointreau had acquired for the Cointreau Margarita experience. So I set about remodelling parts of the bodywork to match the exact vehicle which is a 1960 Fleetwod Cadillac sixty special. One year apart but quite some alterations were needed!

Lighting also plays a part in setting the scene. I selected a sunset hdr sky and used the long shadows to frame the compositions.

Planned for the summer of 2020 it has yet to be realised due to the pandemic. I have high hopes to spend some time at one of these events in 2021. Fingers crossed

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